About us

Welcome to the InfoOverdrive blog by Kodak Alaris’ Information Management division.

Kodak Alaris is a new company driven by the simple belief that “we can always find a better way.” Our Information Management division helps organizations capture and manage information from digital and paper sources, extract valuable insight from its contents, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time to achieve better business outcomes. Our portfolio includes award-winning document scanners, capture and information management software, and industry-leading service and support. Kodak Alaris has shipped more than one million scanners and placed tens of thousands of software licenses worldwide. From small offices to large-scale organizations, Kodak Alaris helps customers find better ways to automate processes, improve customer interactions, and make smarter business decisions.

Read FAQ’s about Kodak Alaris

For more information, visit kodak.com/go/dinews. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kodakdi.

The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company. For more information, please visit kodakalaris.com/go/dinews. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kodakdi and twitter.com/KodakDI_EAMER and visit our blogs at infooverdrive.com and informationdynamix.com.

(Kodak Alaris is the tradename of 111616 Opco (Del.) Inc.)

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