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Ask yourself the right customer experience questions

Improving the overall customer experience for your business is crucial to success—both in the short term and for the long haul. We’ve seen that placing high value and attention on customer experience is critical to the business success and competitive status of most organizations.

It’s no secret that today’s customers are using a multitude of communication channels, regardless of industry or even demographic. It’s imperative that organizations accommodate for the multitude of channels and content types that the modern customer decides to use for communications.

To ensure your organization is optimizing the customer experience, you must ask yourself the right questions. Below are a few questions (along with brief reasoning for those questions) that you should be asking yourself when thinking about process improvements and efficiencies for your customer experience:

• Do you allow for multichannel communication from your customers? Modern customers use many different channels to reach businesses today. Making your organization easily accessible on multiple channels will greatly improve today’s customer experience.

• Do you have a coordinated approach to handling multiple communication channels? A multitude of channels can result in a flood of data. Having an effective workflow in place to manage this flood is key.

• Do you monitor response times and procedures on all channels? Analytics are key to process optimizations. Optimizing customer response time is made possible by knowing where efficiencies and improvements can be gained.

• Does all of your customer-facing staff have access to all customer profile data? Customers get easily frustrated when they feel the staff member with whom they are communicating isn’t up to speed on all previous correspondence or order history.

• Have you implemented modern data-extraction technology? New technology could be saving you input management costs and reducing both time and errors. Try out the latest solutions using your own documents and forms.

Asking yourself these questions, among others, will allow you to ensure your overall business experience is optimal for your most prized asset—the customer.


How to Improve Your Insurance Claims Process

Are you concerned about your ability to meet the ever increasing expectations for operational efficiencies and customer experience in your claims process? Is your senior management increasing goals for revenue and earnings growth while the hurdles seem to be growing every day?


The intersection of policy holders, staff and technology in the claims process is particularly challenging – but if done right it solves many of the challenges.

Did you know that one in three customers cited poor claims handling as a major factor in deciding to switch insurers?


Your policy holders are more demanding than ever. They expect to communicate in the channel they prefer, and they expect an instant response! The number of channels customers use to communicate with you is exploding – web, email, chat, social media, fax, and even regular mail have joined voice – and more are coming. Worse, the information coming from these new channels is 80% unstructured, leaving you sorting inquiries by channel, which has no bearing on the actual content of the message.


You have only one choice – ensure that you effectively engage with your customer base: Allow your policy holders to communicate with you following their preferences and fully integrate all communication channels including social media; in order to make this input valuable you want to find a solution that understand the true meaning of any type of text based input, regardless of structure, source, and format

InfoInsight_Kodak_Alaris_3Your claims staff is in most cases your face to your policy holders. The fact that only 30% of insurance industry customers worldwide rated their experience as positive is more than alarming. While your claims adjusters are your most important asset, it is also a key cost factor especially considering that it takes 10 years and more to reach senior expertise. Many of your most experienced claims adjusters are near retirement age, so you need to empower your less experienced staff members to cover more demanding cases to close the experience gap.

You need to find the optimum balance for your workforce expertise levels i.e. between aging experts and less experienced staff by allowing them to focus on cases or requests that align with their expertise while providing less experienced staff with a comprehensive, yet dynamic knowledge base. Our solution that is based on Artificial Intelligence allows to on ongoing learning from the exception handling done by senior experts and the surfacing of most relevant responses leveraging semantic understanding and intelligent filtering of potential responses

InfoInsight_Kodak_Alaris_4As result your staff is more satisfied and in consequence the turnover rate declines and their motivation impacts the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

The handling of a claim still requires matching the request with customer information that resides in various systems and databases. Finding this data, such as policy holder status and associated entitlement to reimbursement, and automatically processing the claim accordingly is another big hurdle to achieving the goal of straight through processing.

For the future success of your insurance carrier it is key to improve and where feasible automate your claims process connecting your mailroom, back office operations, and your service center.

Our solution uses self-learning classification, extracts and enriches data through integration with existing systems, and proposes relevant responses back to the policy holder. Rekeying and other time-consuming manual activities are reduced significantly.

Through insightful automation, processing times are significantly decreased from time of notification to reimbursement, and true end-to-end automation is achieved.

InfoInsight_Kodak_Alaris_5Did you know $30B per year are lost due to insurance fraud per year in the US alone. What is the impact in your company? Some insurers employ hundreds of specialists using innovative technologies and network analysis tools to identify and help prevent fraud. Fraud analytics tools are a critical tool to master the challenge and to create a competitive advantage by segmenting risk better than other insurance carriers. Advanced data mining and predictive modeling, supporting highly skilled employees for a comprehensive fraud detection framework is critical for future success.

Your success in reducing fraud has a significant impact on your profitability.

We flag potential fraudulent claims based on comprehensive analysis of vast quantities of information and monitoring of the complete communication history of each customer. This data serves as key input source for comprehensive data mining efforts and close the door” on fraud.

Join us tomorrow to learn more how our solutions based on cutting edge technology addresses these and other challenges that you are facing in your claims process.

A sample of the webinar materials are available on slide share.

Register here.

Rediscovering the Past: Connecting Korean War Veterans and Families with Treasured, Historic Photos

Kodak Alaris, working with the Democrat & Chronicle, a Gannett newspaper in Rochester, N.Y., is helping to reunite Korean War veterans and their families with more than 150 recently discovered historical photographs. The 8” x 10” glossy, black and white photographs, found by the daughter of a veteran, were taken by the Department of Defense in June, July and August of 1950. The photos were given to Betty Perkins-Carpenter, a Korean War veteran and member of the Monroe County Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association with the hopes of tracking down the subjects.

“The pictures are amazing,” says Perkins-Carpenter. “These aren’t simply snapshots; these are treasures. The minute you look at them you realize there are so many stories and family members behind each picture. I knew I needed to do whatever I could to make these photos available to the service people or their families.”

A number of veterans and relatives have already claimed some of the photos, and Perkins-Carpenter notes that every connection just motivates her further. Most recently, she was able to verify one of the soldiers in a photo of U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur after hearing from the soldier’s son. A high-quality copy of the photo will now become part of the family’s treasured memories of the veteran.

To preserve the quality of the images while making them available for viewing online, Kodak Alaris scanned all of the photos and captions printed on the back with its KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 (www.kodakalaris.com/go/picturesavernews). The scanned images were provided to the Democrat & Chronicle, which created an online gallery, Snapshots from the Korean War. By clicking on a photo, visitors can read the caption and request a copy of the image.

“Partnering with Kodak Alaris made this project possible and helped move the timeline along much more quickly,” said Annette Meade, Multimedia Manager, Democrat & Chronicle. “If we had to scan each of these images individually with our flatbed scanner, it would have taken a very long time. I’m not even sure we could have committed to amount of time. The clarity of the images scanned by the Picture Saver PS50 was much greater than we could have imagined and is essential to helping viewers identify the people and places in the photos.”

The Picture Saver PS50’s ability to scan the front and back of each photograph in one pass expedited the scanning process and made it easy to keep the digital images together with their captions. The KODAK Gentle Photo Separation Module protected each image as it passed through the scanner, while built-in Optical

Character Recognition converted the critical identifying information in each caption into searchable text, allowing veterans and their families to search through the names online.

“This scanner was designed solely to scan photos,” said Bruce Holroyd, Worldwide Product Manager for Photo Scanning Products, Kodak Alaris. “KODAK Perfect Touch Technology was especially important for this project because it added luster to parts of images that were faded. We’re proud to be a part of this important project and look forward to more family members discovering their loved ones through these images.”

More than 10 subjects in the photographs already have been identified, and Perkins-Carpenter is following up on a number of other inquiries and strong leads. To watch a video with more information about Snapshots from the Korean War, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjsNVN0rx3k.



Would you like to see more about this topic?  If you’re in Rochester or can access replays online, here are a few more ways to learn about this effort from Betty Perkins-Carpenter and Tiana Stephens.

  • Betty Perkins-Carpenter and Tiana Stephens will be on Need to Know Rochester Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on Channel 21.1 and Cable 11 or 1221 (the program repeats on Sundays at 5:30 & 11:30 a.m.).
  • The show will also be available Thursday evening at: http://wxxi.org/ntkr.
  • Betty and Tiana also recorded an interview with Mark Gruba from channel 8 that is scheduled to air on Tuesday.

Watch Kodak Alaris’ 2014 ALS #IceBucketChallenge — CEO, Presidents, & employees

To help raise awareness and support of ALS research, Kodak Alaris CEO Ralf Gerbershagen accepted CMO James Soames’ nomination to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. After braving a shower of icy water, Ralf nominated select members of his leadership team.

Watch the video below to see Ralf, Dennis Olbrich (President, Paper & Output Systems/Film Capture, Kodak Alaris), Dolores Kruchten (President, Document Imaging, Kodak Alaris), and employees in Document Imaging and IT participate.


Visit http://www.alsa.org/donate/ if you would like to donate to The ALS Association.


Next generation of KODAK Capture Pro: What’s new, free trial

Many professionals in IT and Operations are looking for solutions that will quickly covert paper into useful digital information.  The right solution is needed though.  Just scanning and extracting data into repositories could lead to issues that add cost to back-office operations and negatively impact customer loyalty.

KODAK Capture Pro v5.0 from Kodak Alaris

KODAK Capture Pro v5.0 from Kodak Alaris

To provide mid-to-large-size businesses with an updated solution, Kodak Alaris has announced the next generation of its award-winning software, KODAK Capture Pro Software v5.0, to help businesses reach greater accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness in their document scanning processes.

With Capture Pro v5.0, organizations can do the following to simplify scanning, automate indexing, and more effectively leverage information.

  • Convert forms, invoices, records and other critical documents into high-quality images
  • Save costs and improve productivity
  • Effectively handle centralized and de-centralized batch capture in many industries (i.e.: government, healthcare, finance, service bureaus, and more)

Capture Pro Software is ideal for centralized and de-centralized batch capture workflows in a wide range of industries, with successful deployments in Government, Healthcare, Finance and Service Bureaus and proven impact in many business applications.

Here are some examples of how KODAK Capture Pro Software delivers results for customers.

  • Service bureau reduced data entry time by 50% and significantly enhanced accuracy
  • Hospital doubled their capacity for capturing patient records
  • S. county office improved their productivity in electronic records management by 50%

How is KODAK Capture Pro v5.0 different?  …Thought that you’d never ask.  Here are the highlights.

  • A new, quick-start user interface initiates a scan job with a single click. The simple and intuitive new graphic user interface eliminates the learning curve for knowledge workers who only occasionally use a scanner.
  • Productivity enhancements such as auto-deletion of header sheets used for document separation and multiple document splits, which is the ability to create a new document starting with each page selected in a single, split operation.
  • Support of Windows 8.1 and expanded support of new scanners from Kodak Alaris, as well as additional third-party scanners.

To date, Capture Pro Software has earned numerous awards.  The most recent was a 2014 Summer Pick Award from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) for functionality, ease of use, optical mark recognition.

Interested in trying our solution for free?



Here’s a brief overview of Capture Pro Software v5.0.

An excellent, 4 out of 5-star solution for scanning documents in front of customers

The built-in card ledge makes it easy to keep track of important documents during transactions.

The built-in card ledge makes it easy to keep track of important documents during transactions.

This week, PCMag.com’s M. David Stone posted a review on the KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner.  What did he say about our solution that was specifically created for customer-facing business transactions, where an employee needs to scan documents as part of a business process?  By the way, people in these jobs are typically interacting with customers and need to keep the transaction moving to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

  • The i1150 received an “excellent” 4 out or 5 rating
  • Pros: Duplexer (two-sided scanning). 50-sheet automatic document feeder. LCD shows profile names for one-button scanning. Fast.
  • Cons: Limited to only nine predefined scan definitions. Comes without application programs.

David’s bottom line statement for the ScanMate i1150 said, “The KODAK ScanMate i1150 is an impressively capable scanner, with extras ranging from boosted scan speed for the first 10 pages, to showing profile names on its LCD for one-button scanning.”  Wow!

Did you know that a majority of transactions involve 10 or fewer documents? That’s why the i1150 features a special Transaction Mode — enabling 60 percent faster capture speed for the first 10 pages.

Read David’s full review of the KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner on PCMag.com.


P.S. Visit us online if you would like to learn more about how the KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner can accelerate your processes with seamless technology so you can focus on your customers.

What’s Save Your Photos Day and why is it on September 27?

Photo source: SaveYourPhotos.org

Source: SaveYourPhotos.org

Unfortunately, every year natural disasters and fires cause hardships globally.  Irreplaceable family photos are among the many treasures that are unexpectedly lost in these events.  But, how can people safeguard their valuable memories?

To raise awareness about photograph and document preservation and accident preparedness, Save Your Photos Day was established by the Save Your Photos Alliance.  You can use www.SaveYourPhotos.org as a resource to learn about preservation, recovery, restoration, reunifications, and more.  If you would like to attend one of the scheduled events on September 27, click here to see if you are near one of this year’s locations.

For some communities, Save Your Photos Day takes place all year.  The National Disaster Photo Rescue – a member of the Save Your Photos Alliance – was born from the aftermath of a tornado that devastated Joplin, MO in May 2011.  The organization has an ongoing project that rescues and returns photos, documents, and other personal memorabilia to their owners.  Already they have indexed and stored more than 35,000 photographs and other documents – successfully returning about half of the items.

To help support the effort in Joplin, Kodak Alaris and E-Z Photo Scan donated a KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 with the associated software, accessories, and a PC as well as a Kodak legal-size flatbed scanner.  This video is from a news conference that helped bring attention to National Disaster Photo Rescue’s mission and Save Your Photos Day.

Kodak Alaris is committed to providing the market’s leading capture and information management solutions.  Click here to purchase or rent a KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System.

In case you are wondering why Save Your Photos Day is held in September, it’s because that is National Photo Rescue month in the U.S.  So…how will you participate this year?  Feel free to share by commenting on our blog whether or not you are in the U.S.


Photo source: SaveYourPhotosDay.org