Are you ready to Perform Automatic Business Processes with Advanced Insight?

Consistently, new technologies are introduced to increase business effectiveness and automatic business processes with improved insight are such an advancement. Thanks to scripted, rule-based workflows, content entry has gotten a whole lot easier.

Think about simple data with simple data entry. It is unrecognized and it has no meaning. When it’s captured, the process to understanding has begun.

The data can then be classified so it turns into information where important components are identified, and that can be used in transactions. When complete, data has transformed into information and then knowledge for the organization to improve their understanding.

As demonstrated in the chart below, the process of data being captured to becoming understood knowledge, leads you through the transformation from Enterprise Content Management to Customer Experience Management. This means that you are taking the information from a company view and understanding how it will be utilized to benefit customers and their needs—which drives customer loyalty.


As another example, social media is data and companies are able to discover useful information to help maintain relationships and business partnerships—providing power to see concerns, complements, as well as feedback.

Using this methodology—Intelligent Document Understanding—will make your business more competitive.

For more information on Intelligent Document Understanding and automatic business processes and advanced insight, download our whitepaper.


‘How to’ videos on our new ScanMates

Fast, helpful, and business-friendly, the new KODAK ScanMate i1150 and ScanMate i1180 Scanners are here! Interested in learning more about the i1150’s productive Transaction Mode, how ScanMates make it easier to stay organized, our Intelligent Document protection feature, and more? Watch our how-to videos from our YouTube channel below! Happy scanning!

Transaction mode on the Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner


How to stay Organized when scanning with the Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner


Kodak’s Intelligent Document Protection feature on the ScanMate i1150/i1180 Scanner


How to change the Smart Touch icon on the Kodak ScanMate i1150 and i1180 Scanner


How to replace the Consumables on the Kodak ScanMate i1150 and i1180 Scanner


How to remove the output tray from the Kodak ScanMate i1150 and i1180 Scanner


We hope that you found these videos helpful! If you have ideas for others that we should make, please post a comment here. The same goes for any questions that you may have.

Hayley Stauss

Are face-to-face customer service experiences helping or hurting your reputation?

A customer service representative helps uses a Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner to quickly and easily capture customer information.

A customer service representative helps uses a Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner to quickly and easily capture customer information.

Do you strive for superior customer service?  Of course you do.  Most organizations have this as a tracked goal – especially if they have any face-to-face service opportunities – and it’s not easy to achieve.

Whether it’s an in-person transaction at a registration desk, city hall or municipal government office, medical location (hospital, clinic, dentist, etc.), insurance office, or another similar point of contact, customer service that drives satisfaction and loyalty is critical to building a positive reputation.  This is true for organizations of all sizes.

To provide the best experience for customers and to effectively enable service representatives, we have developed a solution (our Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner) that helps to:

  • Strengthen relationships with each customer by enabling the service representative to pay more attention and maintain their interaction with the customer rather than turning away or walking away for “technology” processes.
  • Address the customer’s questions and process the transaction quickly and efficiently without being rushed or frazzled.  Our solution includes a “transaction mode” that adds a burst of speed to each scanning job.
  • The built-in card ledge makes it easy to keep track of important documents during transactions.

    The built-in card ledge makes it easy to keep track of important documents during transactions.

    Keep track of all materials (papers, ID cards, insurance and medical documents, etc.) during the transaction.  The organization needs a complete and accurate record to process the transaction without having to follow up on additional requests.  Our built-in card ledge helps keep important cards and papers from getting lost or “misfiled.”

  • Maintain a pleasant customer service environment with an uncluttered, quiet location that allows access to all business needs right at the service representative’s fingertips.  We’ve made this possible via a solution with a compact footprint that is “whisper” quiet.
  • Get critical transaction information to the right place and the right process at the right time with our Smart Touch feature.

With the right solution, providing superior customer service is easier.  It also helps to improve the service representative’s daily job experience.  Of course a significant benefit for the organization is that the number of transactions per day increases.

Learn about our solution and feel free to post any questions that you have below.


Why IT managers will love the ScanMate i1180 Scanner

“I want to extract information quickly and efficiently from my documents…with my current computer and infrastructure.”  Does that sound like a statement that you would hear from an internal customer?  If it does, you know that there is a list of challenges that go along with such a request.

To fulfill the need of your customers, we have created a new offering called the KODAK ScanMate i1180 Scanner – which represents our next generation of intelligence for scanners.

The ScanMate i1180 delivers the following benefits and features.

  • Avoid high-level PC requirements with Embedded Image Processing (Perfect Page image enhancement algorithms are now performed in the scanner)
  • Minimize support requirements for installation, upgrades, maintenance (easy to deploy and maintain)
  • Connect to browser-based applications with ease  
  • Manage documents better with barcode reading to enable applications to be more intelligent and efficient
  • Prevent document damage via Intelligent Document Protection (determines when damage might occur and stops the scanner before the user can take action)
  • Save space with a compact design
  • Enjoy “whisper” quiet operation
  • Take advantage of advanced Web technologies while minimizing support and infrastructure costs
  • Make scanning as easy as printing with full programmatic control over every aspect of the scanning process
  • Use browser-based capture systems to take advantage of the cost efficiencies of web technologies
  • Build your own browser-based application (with EMC® Captiva® Cloud Toolkit connectivity) by leveraging industry standard web services to ensure every web browser and web development environment will work

Our mission is to get the right information to the right place at the right time to maximize value.  I’m sure that your knowledge workers will appreciate being able to streamline processes and more easily keep up with the dynamically changing workflows.


What will help employees accelerate face-to-face business transactions to provide a better customer experience?

We think that business managers have enough to worry about today – from delivering prompt customer service to streamlining transactions.  So, tools that simplify and shorten the information capture process are certainly valuable in providing a great customer experience.  Scanning and managing documents can be a potential bottleneck in the office, but there is a way to make it easier than ever and focus on serving customers better.

After carefully observing customers’ needs and staying true to our mission to get the right information to the right place at the right time to maximize value, we have developed targeted solutions for specific business applications.  Our answer is two new scanning solutions that are joining our successful KODAK ScanMate family—the ScanMate i1150 Scanner and ScanMate i1180 Scanner.

Improve customer-facing business transactions

A service provider provides the best possible experience and is extra efficient with his KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner.

A service provider provides the best possible experience and is extra efficient with his KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner.

When face-to-face interactions to capture customers’ documents are a part of your business, the process must provide the best possible experience while being efficient. There is a way to succeed at both.

We recognize that a majority of transactions involve scanning 10 or fewer documents.  So, the KODAK ScanMate i1150 Scanner is equipped with a Transaction Mode to enable 60% faster capture speed for the first 10 pages of every interaction.

A perfect example of how this solution shines can be seen at a customer service window or an agent’s desk.  A customer’s application may consist of a small amount of paperwork and an identification (ID) or an account card. In this case, the employee can quickly scan the documents and cards without limiting their interaction with the customer or slowing down the transaction itself.

Evolve by adding intelligence

A working professional uses the KODAK ScanMate i1180 to process his documents.

A working professional uses the KODAK ScanMate i1180 to process his documents.

Frequently, organizations are turning to Web-based architectures to speed the adoption of new business applications and minimize support costs.

Therefore, we designed the ScanMate i1180 Scanner to keep up with these changing technology environments. It extends the concept of an intelligent device – similar to how the cellular phone evolved to become so much more than a phone.

For example, image processing is done in the scanner – minimizing the need to purchase and support high-end PCs.  Also, Kodak Alaris includes the EMC® CAPTIVA® Cloud Toolkit with the scanner so users can write their own customized web capture application.

The new ScanMate models (shown in the video: share many unique features.

  • Simple icon-based color interface that helps quickly identify where to send captured images
  • Built-in card ledge on the front of the scanners helps keep track of cards and associated loose materials so nothing gets lost during processing
  • Small footprint and “whisper” quiet operation mean users don’t have to interrupt customer conversations while scanning
  • Support via a wide range of Kodak Alaris software – including one-button Smart Touch functionality and KODAK Capture Pro Software Limited Edition (users can upgrade to the full version of KODAK Capture Pro Software)
  • To help maintain the performance of scanners for business transaction environments and other critical workflows, we have a portfolio of support plans to protect their investments and generate added value from enhancements in operational efficiencies

Delivering solutions that ensure that our customers and our customers’ customers are happy is important to us.  We hope that these thoughtful products help to enhance your business.

If you have any feedback on our new offerings, please share it with me here.


Speed + Accuracy = Satisfied Customers!

In today’s modern enterprise business landscape, implementing a strong formula for success is key to optimizing the customer’s overall experience when interacting with that business.  It’s crucial to have accurate, consistent, and compliant communication.  Furthermore, fast and efficient communications are expected from today’s “always on” customers.

The adoption and proliferation of digital communications, customers’ expectations have grown to unprecedented levels in this area of business. Unfortunately, this means these expectations of speed and efficiency are often the same regardless of the communication medium or channel with which they reach out to a business. This can cause some headaches when trying to match digital speeds for conventional, paper-based channels and documents.

Most organizations receive inbound communications via at least four channels (plus telephone) with multiple content types per channel. These channels typically differ greatly when it comes to customer response times and process efficiencies. In a recent study by Kodak Alaris and AIIM, organizations admitted to vast improvement needs based on communication and input channel:

How would you rate the speed of response from your organization when customers use the following channels? (N=260)


Adopting sound processes and gaining efficiencies through the implementation of modern technology can help your business stay at the cutting edge and meet these high customer expectations. Once all communications channels are integrated, and transactional, customer and content systems are interconnected, efficiency techniques and process improvements can be applied to enhance productivity, but more importantly to improve the overall customer experience.

Want to read more about this topic?  Download the free study by Kodak Alaris and AIIM.