How Hood College uses Kodak Desktop Scanner to assist students with learning disabilities

The late nights spent in the library, the early mornings cramming in the hallway—all of those countless hours you read the textbook in hopes of mastering that assignment or test. For some students though, that’s not an option. Several students at Hood College in Frederick, MD work with Tom Kranz, the college’s Disability Services Coordinator, and Kodak Desktop Scanners on a regular basis—just to make it all a little bit easier.


Kranz uses a scanning system to assist students who are blind, visually impaired, or suffer from other developmental disabilities that would prevent them from easily being able to study the way many of their peers do. For these students, scanning is their answer when people ask how they study and learn the material out of the textbook—they use new technologies to stay on top of things.

Fixing an old system of flatbed scanners and outdated software, Kranz upgraded to a KODAK Desktop Scanner, a new PC with updated Windows OS, and Kurzweil 3000 for Windows software. Students then take pages from their textbooks, scan them, and the information is spoken to them. With adjustable features like pace or tone, students have the capability to adjust the speaking to their pleasure—giving them the best possible experience. The system even speaks captions under pictures to help provide full comprehension.


Strong collaboration with Kurzweil 3000 gave the Kodak Scanner what was needed to best serve the students at Hood College, making it compatible with all computers on campus—giving them access to their files wherever they need them.

With the ease and speed of the KODAK Scanners, as well as the duplex scanning, Kranz and his students are presented with top notch learning materials, giving them the edge they need to remain on par with their peers in the demanding setting that college proves to be.

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Dakota Financial wins with document management solution

As an asset-based lender, Dakota Financial has numerous responsibilities—and effective document management tops the list. Funding and managing more than 1,000 leases with more than 200,000 associated scanned images, Dakota Financial focuses on national programs designed to provide financing for customers with prior bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, repossessions, or slow pays—mainly funding trucks, trailers, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and machine tools.

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In search for a document management system solution built around Microsoft Office 365, Dakota’s CEO Michael Green connected with DocuSource, LLC which brought him to SkyLite Systems’ SideKick365-DCM application and the helpful integration of KODAK Capture Pro Software and KODAK Departmental Scanners. Utilizing SharePoint 2010 in Office 365 or on-premise, the SideKick365-DCM provides a robust system that can support all the items Dakota needs.

Working closely with DocuSource, LLC, Dakota found that the relationship between SkyLite Systems and the SharePoint 2010 with Office 365 would be a good fit to effectively and efficiently change the way Dakota supported its documents. Integrating directly with KODAK Capture Pro Software, the process utilizing the KODAK Scanner turned out to be the right fit to more accurately manage Dakota’s documents.

Reducing costs, easily accessible files in an offline mode, integration with Microsoft Office, unsurpassed security, fast deployment and peace of mind are some of the results Dakota has found in the transition to the new set of software solutions.

“The reliability of Kodak Scanners, the easy integration with Microsoft products, the meaningful cost and time savings, and the greater productivity that Capture Pro Software and SideKick365-DCM offer us are just the beginning of the advantages we’ve achieved by implementing this new system with DocuSource and SkyLite Systems. I would call it a win/win/win in every aspect I can think of.” –Michael Green, CEO, Dakota Financial

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Streamline the capture and access of hospital patient records

Like many other industries, the medical field is filled with records, documents, files, and just a lot of paper. With the push to “go digital,” many face the decision of how to transfer all of their documents into a new format—one that works best for them and their customers. For Chesapeake Document Services (CDS), finding an efficient way to transfer all the important data from their two largest clients, Maryland-based hospitals, was a top priority.

Originally tediously and manually entering data by hand, the service bureau wanted a way to reduce time and cost—so they turned to KODAK Capture Pro Software, and moved all the data to a more reliable system. Taking on the non-database version first, becoming familiar with the software is what led CDS to become beta testers for Capture Pro Software with the database lookup feature.

From the moment everything was implemented and running smoothly, CDS’ Director of Operations Lee Stalnaker began utilizing the barcodes on records for one of their hospital clients—making scanning a barcode the only physical action needed to gather name, date of birth, and key medical data into index files.

File, document management, digital


Uploading files as a PDF or TIFF file gave the hospitals easy access to the scanned documents, and the ability of Capture Pro Software to work with a wide array of scanners and scanning programs provided the needed edge to help all of CDS’ clients—wherever they are. CDS was even awarded a contract because their use of the Capture Pro Software gave a common interface for seamless scanning with a variety of models and manufactures.

Not saving all the good stuff for their clients, CDS uses KODAK scanners at their own facilities, and have become truly brand loyal. “We have KODAK Scanners and we scan at 300 dpi in bitonal mode, as that’s ideal for OCR,” said Stalnaker. “To enhance scanning speed, we work in landscape with the i1860 Scanner, and we can complete an entire box of records in about 45 minutes.”

Other solution benefits include:

  • Turnaround times decreased significantly with faster data access for hospital clients
  • Data entry time reduced by about 50%
  • Index fields now auto-populated in a streamlined manner
  • Staff able to be re-purposed to take on other projects; overhead reduced
  • Streamlined workflow from scanning through uploading to Cloud-based storage/access
  • Ability to use Capture Pro Software capabilities as a selling point in gaining new business

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P.S.: KODAK Capture Pro Software v5.0 is the newest addition to Kodak Alaris’ software and solutions portfolio. Users will enjoy even greater productivity and ease of use. Beginning September 23rd — if you have an active Software Assurance Agreement — you can upgrade to version 5.0 at no additional charge or contact your reseller to purchase.

A deeper view into our KODAK i2000-Series Scanners

Do you need powerful, robust scanning solution for your business?  Our KODAK i2000-Series Scanners might be just what you are seeking.

The KODAK i2400 Scanner with built-in Smart Touch functionality lets you capture, manage, process, and deliver PDFs and other file formats — automating processes that previously were time-consuming. So basically, you can complete even the most time-consuming jobs with great ease and in a timely manner.

What does this mean? You will be more efficient, better equipped and ready for anything that needs scanning, and your customers will be happy with the quality.

Even for interoffice use, the Smart Touch allows pre-programming, so if there’s a consistent job that is processed—the easy programming will make this task as easy as hitting a button. Saving all settings, file-dropping location, and output method—you don’t have to do a thing after the first time around.

With an extendable output tray and flexible paper handling, you can scan anything from a single piece of white paper to embossed hard surface cards. With the 50-sheet feeder and over 4,000 daily duty cycle, and perfect page image processing, your time consuming and hefty scanning jobs will become a thing of the past.


With all the features of the i2400 and more, the KODAK i2600 Scanner delivers speeds up to 50 pages per minute with a 75-page paper feeder.  The i2600 Scanner is sure to meet many companies’ needs. An adjustable self-storing output tray adjusts to all kinds of paper and cards, so your work consists of pressing the Smart Touch button—the scanner takes care of the rest.

With easy collaboration, the i2600 gives opportunity for central access, or multiple outlets. But with the i2600, all the alterations come from your desktop, so it’s easy to change settings, locations, file output and more without being right next to the scanner. Ideal for companies with multiple offices, this scanner is sure to give you exactly what you need, for a still reasonable price.

i2800 and i2900

As it only gets better as the numbers go up two more times.  The KODAK i2800 Scanner and the KODAK i2900 Scanner give you more for your money — higher page-per-minute performance all with the same great features as the i2400 and i2600.

For a full list of features, check out the KODAK i2000-Series desktop scanners page on Kodak Alaris’ web site!


Need a go-anywhere scanner or one for bigger jobs? Check out our ScanMate i940 and i1120

You’ve probably already read about the new KODAK ScanMate i1150 and ScanMate i1180, but what about the rest of the ScanMates! Here’s a little breakdown of what you’re getting with these desktop scanners, what they’re meant for, and who is likely to find the best uses for them. If they might not be for you, fear not—we have something in our product line that is sure to fit your needs!

The KODAK ScanMate i940 makes collecting, managing, and distributing information simple and desktop-friendly. With its Smart Touch functionality, complicated multi-step scanning processes become simple.

The ScanMate i940 allows you to create email attachments, picture files, and searchable PDFs—all while putting your documents in the cloud for easy access. Using applications like SharePoint, Evernote and gDocSCAN will allow you to access documents from wherever you are—while also giving you the option to scan directly to these could-based applications.

USB-powered, this scanner can go wherever with you. Affordably priced, these ScanMate’s are perfect for small business or personal use. Their easy-to-use functions will appeal to everyone.


But wait, you use a Mac? Don’t sweat—the ScanMate i940 for MAC gives you the same functionality for MAC computers, so you won’t miss a thing!


Slightly bigger, with double the daily duty cycle, the KODAK ScanMate i1120 gives you just enough power to get through those slightly bigger jobs. With a 50 sheet feeder, the i1120 just about doubles all i940 features, making it a better choice for business with more demand.


Thanks to its small economic footprint, the easy-to-use button scanning, and low cost—the ScanMate i1120 will give you the versatility you need to be successful. With its best-in-class service warranty from Kodak, it’s sure to fulfill your needs.


How Lifetime Care cut errors, saved patients’ time, and reduced costs

As one of the necessary components of our society, healthcare and health assistance is nothing to be taken lightly. Ranking in the 98th percentile of New York agencies, Lifetime Care has a standard to uphold for its patients and for those who work alongside the team to ensure quality service for the community. With experienced and respected professionals, Lifetime Care’s family satisfaction for hospice care rates above 96 percent, proving that they’re making people happy. With such responsibility, Lifetime Care needs reliable products in order to give their customers the best service—which is why they chose to minimize manual data entry and reap the benefits of Kodak Capture Pro Software.


With a daily average of about 3,000 patients, Lifetime Care must be able to record and care for each patient efficiently and accurately. In the ‘90s, the agency outsourced its document scanning, and the third-party service proved to be time consuming, costly, and error-prone. In 2000, the switch to Kodak products was made and the process became a little easier. Reducing costs while improving image quality was something to be excited about, but the team decided they needed more.

With improved technology and time, Information Management Services, and Authorized Reseller of Kodak Document Scanners, assisted Lifetime Care in introducing barcodes to patient documents. With increased efficiency, these barcodes automatically fill in necessary patient information after a visit—reducing manual labor.

Throughout the past few years, Lifetime Care has upgraded to the Kodak Capture Pro Software Network Edition, increasing its efficiency. There is no worrying about patient misinformation or misinterpretation, everything has been running smoothly with this new technology and Lifetime Care is able to better serve its patients.

Cutting errors, optimizing allocation of patients’ time and reducing costs, Kodak Capture Pro Software has been a positive addition to the Lifetime Care team.

Visit to learn more about how Lifetime Care is benefiting from Kodak Capture Pro Software.

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Using data extraction to reduce human error

When you call the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment, one of the first things they ask you for is your name and birthday. This is a form of data extraction, which makes it simple for the receptionist to find your files in the system.

Data extraction is a way to replace manual data entry via metadata extraction from documents. There are three different types of data extraction:

  1. Graphical: This method can only be used with forms; the intelligent document understanding extracts the data through a visual observation.
  2. Rules-based: This technique is performed by using keyword anchors and expressions such as “birthday” or “social security number”.
  3. Semantic understating: In this method, areas of interest are connected through a metadata field and run on many documents allowing it to learn and retrieve the information in the future without human interaction.
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Companies and vendors that utilize data extraction have established three ways of understating.

  1. Self-learning: The utilization of semantic understanding and machine learning.
  2. Fuzzy understanding: Knowing that e-mails and documents can include misspellings or mistakes, this method finds data on degrees of truth rather than absolutes.
  3. Validation systems: This is similar to a database look up. However, since misspellings can occur in databases too, fuzzy understanding still applies.

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