Speed + Accuracy = Satisfied Customers!

In today’s modern enterprise business landscape, implementing a strong formula for success is key to optimizing the customer’s overall experience when interacting with that business.  It’s crucial to have accurate, consistent, and compliant communication.  Furthermore, fast and efficient communications are expected from today’s “always on” customers.

The adoption and proliferation of digital communications, customers’ expectations have grown to unprecedented levels in this area of business. Unfortunately, this means these expectations of speed and efficiency are often the same regardless of the communication medium or channel with which they reach out to a business. This can cause some headaches when trying to match digital speeds for conventional, paper-based channels and documents.

Most organizations receive inbound communications via at least four channels (plus telephone) with multiple content types per channel. These channels typically differ greatly when it comes to customer response times and process efficiencies. In a recent study by Kodak Alaris and AIIM, organizations admitted to vast improvement needs based on communication and input channel:

How would you rate the speed of response from your organization when customers use the following channels? (N=260)


Adopting sound processes and gaining efficiencies through the implementation of modern technology can help your business stay at the cutting edge and meet these high customer expectations. Once all communications channels are integrated, and transactional, customer and content systems are interconnected, efficiency techniques and process improvements can be applied to enhance productivity, but more importantly to improve the overall customer experience.

Want to read more about this topic?  Download the free study by Kodak Alaris and AIIM.

Tame unstructured data to create knowledge

Info_Insight_Platform-blogIs the thought of all the unstructured data arriving from your customers keeping you awake at night?  Is competitive pressure in the market forcing you to make your business workflows faster and leaner?  Is customer experience a critical aspect impacting the loyalty of your customers?  If this is true for your business, the KODAK Info Insight Platform is worth exploring.

This software suite enables companies to tame the explosive growth in both the volume and variety from many communications channels—ranging from documents to text messages, social media posts, e-mails, and other unstructured information.  The platform reads, understands, and uses incoming and existing data to create a powerful, actionable stream of information and knowledge.  Info Insight Platform also removes bottlenecks by eliminating wasteful processes, connecting disparate systems, and automating tasks.

I’m sure that you want to be prepared to respond to changes in your business environment and your evolving business processes. We made this possible via built-in, self-learning techniques in the software that automate processes in an adaptive way.  The platform’s applications can even generate a response to common inquiries and route more complex jobs to the right individual in the organization along with a suggested response.

Info Insight Platform is best suited for organizations that interact with large numbers of customers. For example, the software could be used to tame digital mailrooms, claims management systems, invoice reading, and expense management.

The platform will be publically presented for the first time at FOSE 2013 in Washington, D.C.  Stay tuned to www.twitter.com/KodakDI for updates and pictures from the show floor.

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